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Scaling SaaS Startups With Design

The Craft helps startups identify and achieve their North Star goals using sustainable growth and socially responsible design. 


Create Digital Products.

The Craft consults with tech companies and educates designers. We empower all people with design led products. 


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Digital Design

The Craft helps businesses grow sustainably with apps, platforms, websites, and more. We define action-oriented strategy with leadership and teams.

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Our training offerings range from custom workshops, conducting design sprints and helping teams build the right systems. We'll teach your team how to operate like we do for speed and success. 



Product Design is our bread and butter. We educate designers on how to identify the right problems and move the needle for businesses and customers. We're focused on innovation and building the future. 

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Product Design (UX) for the Real World 

Learn product design with The Craft, an industry leading design company. 

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Apply to our design council and get paired with a blossoming emerging designer for a one month internship. Make design accessible to the next generation.

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Apply one time to our job collective and have companies reach out to you with potential job opportunities. Our community is for designers who are actively or passively looking. 

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By joining our design collective with a monthly or annual subscription you can meet designers where they are and explore the perfect fit for your job openings. 

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