Our coaches

Our coaches

We carefully handpick and interview our coaches. They are actively working in the industry and have experience mentoring designers.

Jeremy is a Senior Product Designer with a background in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.

He's an end-to-end designer, and revels in solving problems in complex spaces. Currently he is focused on last mile logistics at DoorDash.

Ulu Mills

Ulu is a Hawai‘i-based multi-disciplinary designer, design engineer and innovation strategist. She specializes in working with growing organizations whose missions advance education, equity and social health. She is currently conducting research for a Master of Design thesis at Carnegie Mellon University, while doing independent consultant work.

Rachel is a product designer crafting tools and systems that empower people to do their best work. Rachel has designed innovative experiences across a variety of domains - no/low-code tools, marketplaces, financial services, education communication, and travel - for web and mobile applications.

Sera Tajima

Our Founder, Sera, empowers people to consciously design their business. As a startup advisor and Principal Product Designer, she has a visionary approach to sustainable growth, She has a proven track record of helping startups hit their success metrics. She’s worked for companies like Zendesk, Webflow, and Y Combinator; she now uses her expertise to guide early stage startups through strategic growth.

Mark is a Product Designer with experience in early, late, and public tech companies. He is currently an IC who design both B2C and B2B experiences while supporting early career design teammates at Uber. Mark has worked at companies like Opendoor, Pashi, and even pursued his own venture with Y Combinator, where he now advises startups. Mark is a graduate of Yale University.

Coach Feedback

"I have learned so much in the past few months. The material is great and having Jeremy as my mentor has been amazing. Jeremy has been super helpful. He is very knowledgeable in the field and great at listening and giving feedback. I didn't know what to expect, but the videos are really good. I honestly couldn't have done this kind of work without this bootcamp."

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© The Craft Design LLC 2024