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is the average salary of a mid-level designer. 

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projected growth over next  5 years.


open product design positions in the US. 

About the Course  

This course is 100% self-paced, online, and remote. The course will take approximately 8 weeks for those who commit to weekly learning. In this course, you will

✅ Understand what design is and the different roles in the design industry.

✅ Download the tools we recommend based on what is most commonly used in the tech industry.

✅ Learn about human centered design and the processes designers use to solve problems. 

✅ Get a sneak peek into what the work life of a designer looks like and the pros and cons of working as a designer. 

✅ Learn curriculum created by a professional that features proprietary learning videos, quizzes, and content. 

✅ Free 1 year membership to The Craft. Make friends with aspiring designers and  experts, includes office hours, events, and a resource vault. 

Evaluate if a career in design is right for you. If you decide it is, this can be a great step towards a future in a bootcamp or self-learning. 🚀

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What You'll Learn in This Course


Learn design with an industry leader.

Sera Tajima

Sera Tajima

Principal Product Designer, The Craft & Webflow

“Known for entrepreneurship, innovation, and builiding exceptional products, Sera Tajima, has spent years creating products from conception to iteration with billion dollar global tech companies. She frequently posts content about design thinking, processes, tools, and growth on her YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. When she's not doing design work, she's adventuring and learning new things.”

This course is for you if

You want to find out if design is right for you


You wonder if a bootcamp is right for you


You want to self-learn to break into the industry

You want a flexible lifestyle working from anywhere

You want a quality course created by a professional 

You want the support of a design community

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Not sure yet? Book a 1-1 consultation prior to signing up for the course. Get on a call with Sera. She'll listen to your goals and concerns and give you direct feedback on whether or not the course is right for you. We want to make sure everyone who participates in the course is happy with it. 😊

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